Absolute Black Granite

The Low Variation Durable Granite with dense black color. Available in 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm… thickness, and various tile sizes. Suitable for both Interior and exterior, in both Commercial and residential projects.

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Steel Grey Granite Slabs

Steel Grey Granite!!
The low Variation durable Granite, Light and dark Grey Shades with Small Flecks of Lighter Grays. Available in Both 2cm and 3cm Thickness Slabs with different finishes.
Suitable for interior and exterior Projects for both commercial and residential projects.

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Colonial Dream – Flamed !!

Colonial Dream!!
Colonial Dream granite is a durable granite with a beautiful combination of creamy gray background with brown and gray flecks.

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Absolute Black !!

Absolute Black !!

Solid Black Indian Granite. Suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Available in both 2cm & 3cm and different sizes.

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Sapphire Blue!!

Sapphire Blue!!

A graceful combination of blue, brown and dark color shades.

Suitable for kitchen countertops and various other projects.

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Kashmir White!!

Kashmir White !!
kashmir White Granite bookmatch slabs.
Available in 2cm and 3cm thickness, Suitable for both residential and commercial projects.
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